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WholeScripts is proud to announce its partnership with Practice Better, the complete practice management platform for Health & Wellness professionals like you. Practice Better helps practitioners and coaches grow their businesses, keep clients on track, and make a difference without burning out.
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Register right away to gain access to our more than 300 high-quality supplements and herbal brands. Once approved, you can start sending recommendations to your patients.
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Starting or growing a practice can be overwhelming at times. Practice Better is a better solution for managing professional recommendations, bookings & payments, and tracking your clients’ progress.

Watch how we can clear your desk of time-consuming admin work so you can Practice Better

Practice Better allows you to automate and streamline some of the most time-consuming elements of your practice, so you can save your time for things that matter most, whether that’s growing your business, focusing on your clients, or improving your work-life balance.

Thousands of Health & Wellness professionals use Practice Better to:

Save hours of admin time every week
Scheduling, sending emails, requesting forms, phone follow-ups, chasing billing and payment—it’s a lot to juggle. Practice Better helps you automate these admin tasks so you can focus on building your business, helping more clients, or bringing more balance to your life.
Keep client information organized
Your client’s history, forms, interactions, program, and protocols are all housed in one central—and HIPAA-compliant—portal. No more chasing down emails or digging through folders. Practice Better’s Client Portal consolidates your client’s profile, now including lab documents, in one easy and secure place, so you can run your appointments smoothly and focus on supporting your clients.
Engage clients with an easy-to-use platform (and app!)
For many clients, the appointment is the easy part. Staying committed to the plan takes expert support and guidance from you. Practice Better lets your clients stay connected to your recommendations, resources, journals, and task reminders to keep them on track. All this in a HIPAA-compliant, secure platform with Telehealth capability.
Scale your business beyond 1:1 visits
Whether group or solo, virtual or hybrid, scalable programs can multiply your impact and your income. Easily create and organize all your courses and program modules, tasks, and worksheets on our platform. You can also drip personalized program content to keep your clients engaged.

How To Get Started With Practice Better

Step 1
Start your free trial
Learn why Practice Better is the platform that Health & Wellness professionals recommend to their colleagues by trying it out for free for yourself. Sign up to try any plan for 14 days and experience a platform that will help you love your job even more.
Step 2
Attend a Getting Started webinar
Practice Better is commited to your success, so we have a lot of resources designed to help you get the most out of the platform. Our Business Success Coaches will walk you through to how to set up your account for success.
Step 3
Set up your Services, Calendar, Notes, and Forms
Putting some time in at the beginning to build the foundation for your new practice infrastructure is key. With all the pieces of your practice in place, your practice can run smoother than ever, all from one platform.
Step 4
Automate your practice
Practice Better can automate the tedious tasks in your practice, from sending reminder emails, to recurring billing and invoicing, to running an entire group program online, so you can focus on what’s important to you.
Step 5
Join our community and grow your business!
Open to customers on paid plans, Practice Better’s Inner Circle online community is a place to learn from other practitioners who have walked your path before you. Also, you’ll get access to Practice Better’s free business building resources made in collaboration with our community of experts on all aspects of business growth.
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Preserve protocols, patient recommendations, and reoccurring order information to use again.
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Send patients individualized protocol recommendations via email or text.