Methyl B-12 1 fl oz

Methyl B-12 1 fl oz

Liposomal Methyl B-12
Clinical Applications


  • Supports immune function
  • Supports healthy mood
  • Protects cognition
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Builds strong bones
  • Supports lung function

Liposomal Methyl B-12 is a highly absorbable liposomal formulation of methylcobalamin, the critical bioactive form of B12. Methyl B12 is an essential water-soluble nutrient essential for DNA and RNA synthesis, red blood cell production, neurological function, mood and memory, and bone and heart health. Methylation is fundamental to life itself: it is the process by which protein and DNA are synthesized and sustained in the body and is necessary for the synthesis of glutathione. When methylation is slowed, we may have trouble detoxifying, keeping viruses in check, and ensuring our DNA is stable, healthy and easily repaired.

Product Overview

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Take 1-2 pumps by mouth. Hold in mouth 30 seconds before swallowing. Repeat to desired dosage or as directed by a healthcare professional. Take on an empty stomach, at least 10 minutes before meals. If pregnant, consult physician before use.

Store at room temperature.

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