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Clean, Serene, and Committed to Being More Green

We know you care about your health and the health of the planet too. That’s why WholeScripts powered by XYMOGEN joined forces with the United Nations Environment Programme’s CleanSeas initative and is significantly limiting its use of plastics through its MedPax program. Instead of using formulas packaged in large, rigid plastic bottles, MedPax offers your patients a way to use less plastic via dose packs designed especially for them. This program alone reduces plastic packaging by 40 percent.

XYMOGEN also encourages practitioners and their patients to limit their use of plastics. Using suggestions offered by the CleanSeas Initiative, you can join WholeScripts powered by XYMOGEN in keeping the Earth healthy:

Here are some ways you can join WholeScripts powered by XYMOGEN in keeping the earth healthy:

  • Use re-usable or paper straws
  • Remember to carry your re-usable bags with you
  • Use refillable water bottles
  • Bring your own take-out containers or ask for paper ones
  • Choose products with little or no plastic packaging
  • Use wax paper, cloth, or re-usable silicon bags for food and snack storage
  • Use biodegradable bags for cleaning up after your pet
  • Invest in glass or stainless-steel containers with lids for leftovers
  • Use cloth biodegradable diapers
  • Avoid beauty and household products containing microbeads
  • Consider using feminine hygiene products that are plastic-free

Tweet your commitment to use less plastic and add the hashtag #CleanSeas.