Oil of Oregano 60 Capsules

Oil of Oregano 60 Capsules

Supports a healthy immune response*
Clinical Applications
  • Supports healthy digestive flora.*
  • Oregano leaf extract: 230 mg.
  • Natural antioxidant source*
  • Cavacrol & Thymol: 32 mg

A natural antioxidant source, Oil of Oregano contains phytochemicals which support the body’s natural resistance.* Gaia Herbs’ supercritical CO2 extract of Oregano volatile oils contains phenols, including Carvacrol and Thymol. These oils help support a healthy microbial environment in the intestines and a healthy immune response.*

Product Overview

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Adults take 1 capsule 2 times daily with meals. Suggested maximum time of use 2-4 weeks or so as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

** Any claims presented are made by the manufacturer and not by WholeScripts or the parent company.
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