RevolutionPRO Men's Hormone Health 180 Capsules

RevolutionPRO Men's Hormone Health 180 Capsules

Clinical Applications
  • "Naturally supports normal hormone balance*
  • Supports normal adrenal hormone production and energy levels*
  • Heart Health
  • Supports healthy levels of cortisol, triglycerides, and cholesterol within the normal range*
  • Libido and Reproductive Health
  • Supports normal reproductive health and sexual function*
  • Supports healthy sperm production, sperm count and motility*"

RevolutionPRO is an adaptogenic product that supports normal hormonal balance for men of any age after puberty.*

RevolutionPRO contains Maca-OG™, a certified organic maca (Lepidium peruvianum) formulation with a proprietary combination of phenotypes specifically for male biology. Through a proprietary manufacturing process, RevolutionPRO concentrates the full spectrum of active constituents found in maca phenotypes specific to men’s health and maximizes the bioavailability, increasing water solubility from 68% to 99%. Maca-OG™ is scientifically supported by pharmacology and toxicology studies.

Product Overview

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1-2 capsules twice daily away from food. First dose in the morning before breakfast and second dose 30 minutes before afternoon energy low.

INTERACTONS: There are currently no known interactions when taken in conjunction with medications.

No chemicals, additives, exipients, fillers, no gluten, soy, corn, dairy

** Any claims presented are made by the manufacturer and not by WholeScripts or the parent company.
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