Bringing Technological Innovation To The Point Of Care

WholeScripts is proud to announce its partnership with CharmHealth, which connects providers, patients, and innovators. It gives patients easy access to the care they need, gives providers access to patients and innovators, and gives entrepreneurs access to patients and providers who can most benefit from their innovations.
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Introducing CharmHealth

CharmHealth product suite includes Integrated EHR, Practice Management, RCM Solution, Integrated TeleHealth for Remote Patient Care, Patient Portal for Patient Engagement, and Connect Solution for Collaborative Communication, along with a slew of Mobile apps across platforms.

The Single Solution For Your Practice

The Single Solution For Your Practice
Be Comprehensive & Cloud Based
CharmHealth is a physician friendly EHR that includes e-prescriptions, labs, supplementation, telehealth & more.
Enhance Patient Engagement
Keep your patients engaged with effective communicate tools and improved access to health care data enabling better health outcomes.
Take Charge of Your Revenues
Get paid faster and boost revenues with an intelligent and adaptive billing platform with state-of-the-art reporting tools.
Powered by Innovation
Work with a robust ecosystem of healthcare applications that integrate seamlessly with CharmHealth to help you scale and customize your EHR to your workflow.

Start Your Practice In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1
Sign Up for the Free Plan
CharmHealth's unique pricing model allows you to start with a free plan and pay as you grow‐no contracts, no ads, and no upfront charges.
Step 2
Attend a CharmHealth 101 Webinar
With weekly webinars, videos, and how-to guides, CharmHealth places ample resources at your disposal to help you build the ideal practice that is predisposed to provide better care.
Step 3
Setup Your Practice & Scale to Need
Customize and automate CharmHealth to match your unique workflow, then add on services you need to help you grow.

Why WholeScripts?

One-stop ordering and recommending. Save time and effort by getting the very best products with the highest-grade ingredients all in one place
Exclusive XYMOGEN Formulas
WholeScripts is the only place to recommend or order XYMOGEN formulas.
Save it for Later
Preserve protocols, patient recommendations, and reoccurring order information to use again.
Patient Recommendations
Send patients individualized protocol recommendations via email or text.